Why Vandeavor?

Passionate about your purpose

Our approach helps you achieve lasting change by connecting people to their potential

Vandeavor Why Vandeavor Emotional Intelligence

Engage with emotional

We help you build trust and clarity with people-first messaging.

Advance with tactical

We develop the right message
in easy-to-understand language
and deliver via creative means.

Vandeavor Why Vandeavor Tactical Communication
Vandeavor Why Vandeavor Existing Expertise

Heighten existing expertise

We focus on legacy influencers,
seeking to leverage their experience
as they become advocates for the
new way things get done

Leadership Team

Chris VandenBerg Headshot

Chris VandenBerg

Sr. Director of Consulting

Chris specializes in helping break down complex topics into engaging & easily-digestible messaging. He has a strong pricing background, has partnered with over 45 corporate clients, and enjoys international travel (camera in tow).

Carly Comerouski Headshot

Carly Comerouski

Sr. Director of Communications

Carly has 9+ years experience positioning & delivering tailored communications to invoke behavior change and ensure favorable results. She is a licensed attorney and semi-retired soccer player.

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